You’re pregnant. It’s a big deal. And you desire the very best for your pregnancy, your birth and your baby. That’s why you are here!

Imagine this:

It’s the end of your pregnancy. You’re a little anxious. You don’t have medical questions that warrant calling your doctor or midwife, but you want to talk to someone who can affirm you and tell you if what you are experiencing is normal or not.

You want a personal "birth Wikipedia.” 

Someone you can call at any hour of the day or night who will respond with an answer delivered in a way that you will understand it best.

Not only that, you want your birth Wikipedia with you during labor and the delivery of your baby, so you hired an Intown Doula.

From the moment you engaged our services we prioritized your care. We took the time to learn your desires and your partner’s desires and we simply wanted what you wanted. 

We met with you prenatally, we laughed with you, we affirmed you and we passed you a tissue when you cried. You felt a connection with us and we understood why. Professional doula support, simply can not be matched.

  • We put your partner at ease and when we came to you in labor, and your confidence instantly grew.
  • We helped you find labor positions that eased the discomfort.
  • We applied pressure where you felt pain.
  • We looked deep in your eyes and helped you see a version of yourself that you didn’t know existed.

You were capable and we reminded you. Your partner loved you and we let them know you were safe. It was magical and you birthed your baby. We rejoiced and we respected your bond.