Learning the cues and feeding and sleeping patterns of a newborn while recovering from giving birth can be overwhelming. Intown Doula wants this period in your life to unfold as seamlessly as possible and has every system in place to offer you the very best support. 

Whether it is breastfeeding difficulties you are anticipating or experiencing, fear of how you will function and recover on small amounts of sleep, or simply want a couple of extra hands around for daily household “stuff,” Intown Doula can help.

Our expertise includes:

  • Hands on newborn care instruction
  • Feeding techniques regarding breast or bottle
  • Ability to recognize early symptoms of depression
  • Newborn care while initiate self care
  • Sibling/older child care
  • Meal preparation and freezer meal assembly
  • Day to day light household chores

Allow yourself the luxury of our nurturing care while you nurture your newest addition.