Carrie & Eric needed help during a marathon labor.


We didn't know what to expect with the pregnancy and birth of our first child. We were some of the first in our friend group to go through this transition, but even so, I've found that people don't really talk about the nitty-gritty of these things. Eric and I wanted doulas because we knew there was a lot we didn't know, and we wanted support in learning our options

When I had questions in my pregnancy it was so nice to be able to text the doulas and get a quick response. There are just certain things I knew I didn't want to call my doctor about, but that I also didn't want to attempt Googling and risk gong down an anxiety rabbit hole! They were an awesome, experienced, on-call birth wikipedia

My birth didn't go as expected, but the support of the doulas that we had already created a bond with helped so much. They helped us make decisions and reminded us of relevant information when we asked for input. They made us feel like rockstars with every choice we made, regardless of what we had discussed in the weeks leading up to labor.

Afterward, when I had questions about nursing and even pumping, my doulas were really helpful and very encouraging. They came to our house and helped out a lot, we loved that part and appreciate their attention to me in that time when it was so important


Eric wanted to be as involved as possible.

My experience with doula support was awesome. Honestly, there were times during the long labor in the hospital where I wondered how I would be doing this without help. I'm glad I don't have to know what that would be like, because our doulas kept me grounded so I could be the primary support for my wife. I didn't want to take a back seat in this experience, and our doulas made sure I wasn't left out, in fact I felt like I was as engaged in the whole thing as I possibly could be. And that's what I wanted. 

I'm telling everybody, hire doulas, especially since everything could go ways you don't expect. They just make the whole thing better