You’re pregnant, you’re busy, and you can’t waste your time because there’s gonna be a BABY here soon and OMG!!! You feel pressured to read all the books and watch all the documentaries and attend all the classes, but really you just want to take a nap. Overwhelm and anxiety are frequent visitors at your house, and you just can't help but think, It can't be like this for EVERybody, right?

In your perfect world, you aren't stressing over which car seat to buy, or what to pack in your bag for the hospital, or how to know if contractions are really contractions or just annoying lies that keep you awake. You aren't anxious about selecting a childbirth education class, or finding mental health professionals who specialize in perinatal and postpartum people. You don't have nightmares about not being able to meet your baby's needs.

You feel excited, supported, and eager to meet your baby.

We have spent years crafting a labor doula package perfect for every Intown family. Our doula teams have been serving the Metro Atlanta area for three years now, and we are eager to provide your family with the same consistent, compassionate care we have shown to hundreds of families since 2014. We want to help you feel the way you do in your perfect world. Because really? It's not so far out of reach. 


All Intown Families receive:

  • 24/7 on-call availability of a team of two doulas (aka your new BFFs)
  • Unlimited text, email, and phone support

  • (3) hours of private, personalized childbirth education 

  • 90-minute Prenatal Prep Session

    • Establish your Hierarchy of Preferences

    • Learn what to pack in your hospital bag

    • "Is This Labor?!" We teach you how to tell!

    • Real talk about the whole process

  • Safe Sleep Evaluation

  • Nursery Assessment

  • Unlimited face-to-face Doula support during your labor & delivery

  • (10) hours of Postpartum Doula support

  • Invitation to our annual client appreciation event, Galentine's Day! 

Intown Doula opened its doors for families just like yours. We want to make your life easier so that you can get every ounce of experiential satisfaction possible from your childbirthing year. Schedule a call with us, boo, and treat yo'self