Gremmie Out of Control

Gremmie out of control

Gremmie out of control

There’s nothing worse than a gremmie out of control.

    —Pearl Jam


My son is turning one in just a few short weeks, and he has certainly turned into a wild man in his own right. I love to watch him cruise and learn, romp and play. He’s a rough-and-tumble little boy, even at ten months. And that’s why, sometimes, it can be hard to accomplish much with a curious baby who gets into everything. Baby-proofing? He laughs in its face. 

That, in a nutshell, is the reason I babywear. Some babies—in fact, a lot of babies—find great comfort in being worn and parents often find that their babies even nap beautifully close to them in a ring sling or other baby carrier. Hammy’s not one of those babies, never has been. He loves being worn, but it’s not for the comfort and the rest, it’s for the awesome view and the proximity to my face for gabbing. Regardless, here’s what I know: when I wear Hamish in Target, it’s way harder for him to grab things off of shelves and racks than it is when I sit him in the buggy, and that makes my life substantially easier. And I like that. 


The stage is upon us where my incredibly mobile son is into everything, so leaving him alone even for “just a minute” is just about the best way to get all of your toilet paper unrolled and your shoes hidden. Carrying him on my back while I do chores and prep dinner saves my house from being utterly destroyed…for that particular hour or moment, at least. 

There are all sorts of carriers for every build, lifestyle, purpose, and personal style. We happen to be a soft-structured carrier family. The pictured carrier is an Ergo 360, and I dyed this puppy to perfectly match the album cover for Ten, Pearl Jam’s debut album. I also affixed a PJ patch and my friend Maria helped me sew a PJ panel (cut from a onesie bought for Hamish at the Charlotte 2014 show on the day we found out he was a boy and named him!) onto the hood. 

Check out Babywearing International of Atlanta for information on wearing your baby from the day s/he is born through late toddlerhood. There are meetings held in Atlanta, and if you join the group, you can enjoy a library of carriers to try so that you can experience many facets of baby wearing.