December seems to come and go more quickly than other months. You know what they say, time flies when you're having fun! We at Intown Doula love keeping you in the loop, so we decided to document our festivities throughout the month of December and share some of our favorite moments with you. 

Intown Doula's MMT met with representatives of the Atlanta Mission, the beneficiary of the 2016 No Child Wet Behind Diaper Drive & 5K. In case you aren't familiar yet, this benefit is sponsored around the country to assist families in need in providing adequate supplies of diapers for their little ones. The Atlanta Mission serves more than 1000 homeless men, women, and children every single day, and our contribution of diapers will go towards outfitting individual children in addition to supplying the on-site childhood development center with diapers. Be a part of the mission by registering for the Atlanta Mission's 5K Race to End Homelessness in February 2016. Check back for updates on our upcoming 1st Annual No Child Wet Behind 5K + 1 Mile Family Fun Run held May 21, 2016. Registration for this event will be launching soon!

                              Intown Doula's family and friends holiday extravaganza!




What would the holidays be without a party with your favorite people?! We had an amazing turnout for our  Christmas party. The gang gathered at MMT's house for an evening filled with tons of food, wine, and a Secret Santa gift exchange. It was incredible to look back on all the families we have served over this past year. We all had such a blast and were lucky enough to spend time with Lori one last time before she went into nesting liberation in preparation for her son's arrival. 

A sweet little update...Lori had her baby! Henry Ellsworth Federico was born on 12/18 at 8:43pm. Big sister Mia is excited about her little brother, and Lori and Brian are happily settled in back home with a little postpartum help from the Intown Doula crew. 

Intown Doula hopes your Holiday season was filled with just as much joy as ours was! 

May every day of the new year glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your family. 

--Intown Doula