The Ultimate Holiday Wishlist For New Parents

Parents are way easier to please than we give them credit for when it comes to gift giving. In fact, almost all people who welcomed a new child into their families between October and now are going to be over the moon if given any of the following five things: 


To new parents, sleep becomes like a new designer drug that everyone is on except them, and they wanna try it. They wanna try it soooooooooo bad. But it’s more like a concept; sleep seems to become more like something you’d hear Oprah talking about. To be afforded guaranteed nap time on a regular basis—or to be able to sleep through the night!—is akin to holiday sorcery. 


New parents often don’t realize they haven't ea—OH MY GOD WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME WE ATE WE HAVE TO EAT SOMETHING RIGHT NOW. ANYTHING. RIGHT NOW. Having nutritious meals prepped to their tastes and preferences before the hanger panic sets in would be holiday magic! 


Who has time? Seriously? Who? And who wants to spend the specious little parental leave we are afforded to go to CVS for Colic Calm and InSTYLE? I’ll tell you who: NOT new parents. Giving the gift of someone to run errands will put you on the Nice List for sure. 


Sometimes, new parents need help. And yes, mothers can be helpful and Google can be helpful and hotlines can be helpful, but most people want someone whose knowledge and expertise they can trust to walk them through basic newborn stuff. Offering them some professional, compassionate help is giving the gift of answer and peace of mind. Who doesn’t love that?


Childbirth can be rough on the body in the postpartum period, regardless of how the baby is delivered. Because of this transition, many people are turning to placenta encapsulation as a sort of "postpartum insurance policy." A little supplement that could make the difference between "Bah humbug." and "Ho ho ho!" would go a long way this year. 


Parents who have recently welcomed a new baby—be her the first or third or sixth—want any of those things listed above. But you can do better than that! You can give a new parent in Atlanta all of those things at once…by giving the gift of the postpartum doula.

Postpartum Doulas are hired guns who can make sleep, meals, errands, help, and more sleep happen, all while providing unbiased, compassionate support and uncompromising emotional connection. Click here to send new parents in Atlanta the gift of professional, unwavering support. 

And two of our postpartum doulas are Postpartum Placenta Specialists, who can provide placenta encapsulation & tincture services in a worry-free, completely transparent way while abiding by the strictest program around! 

Pssssst…hey, new parents! Are you reading this and wishing that you could add postpartum doula care to your wish list? Do you want to ask your partner, parents, or friends for postpartum doula services but don’t know how? Click here for a free printable! Simply print and give to your loved one. It couldn’t be simpler!