Exciting Staff ADDITIONS at Intown Doula!

It is my distinct pleasure to make an announcement that has been many weeks coming. There have been some ownership and staff changes at Intown Doula, and there's no better time like to the present to dive right in and introduce everyone!

...well, almost everyone. There is one more surprise we have in store and we will announce that soon :)

Without further ado...



Richée (rih-SHAY) Harrison Edwards is Intown's newest Birth Doula. Born in Jersey and raised in Georgia, Richée has been a Doula since 2013. Her varied interests--from interior design to her impassioned feelings regarding Marvel vs. DC comics--make her an incredibly fun and interesting woman to work with. In addition to attending births, this VBAC mom will be training in Placenta Encapsulation and Postpartum Doula care this spring. Richée is a wife and the mother of two sons, and she loves pugs. We could not be happier to have her! 






Heather Goodbread is Intown's newest Postpartum Doula. She is an espresso enthusiast (doppio cubano, if you want to know her drink) and a wiz at the pedal of a sewing machine. Heather was born in Marietta and raised in North Georgia, and has been a Postpartum Doula for two yearsShe will also be training in Birth Doula care in the spring and Lactation services in the fall. By many, many accounts, Heather is the best Postpartum Doula in Atlanta, and we are lucky to have her!




Welcome, Richée and Heather!