Pregnant in ATL: What To Do When You're 40+ Weeks

Atlanta is an amazing city. In fact, we dare say it's the finest city in the South! Take it from us, there's so much to do in Atlanta that being pregnant here can be a blast. Here are some things you can do in Atlanta that will take your mind off going past your due date and all that potentially comes along with that--discomfort, anxiety, and an endless stream of "Have you had that baby yet?!"

1. Attend a festival. What's that, you say? You don't know of any festivals around you in Atlanta? We'll take a minute to stop laughing, because obviously that's a joke: this city puts on a festival at the drop of a hat, so there are things going on just about every single weekend from March through October. Take a walk, enjoy some great food, and practice your Mom-glare at people who gawk at your impressive belly or who gasp when they ask when you're due and you reposed, "Last week." 

2. Enjoy a pedicure. We hesitate to even publish this blog because we know that if we do...our secret spot is going to blow up with new customers! However, because we adore our clients and do not want to deprive them of an incredible experience, here goes: Nail Shack EAV's Royal Pedicure is...other-wordly. It lasts every single second of ninety minutes and when you get up from the Pedicure Throne, you'll feel like a different person. For a quick pick-me-up, this is the best. Bonus: you can schedule an appointment online, which will basically ensure that you'll go into labor. 

 The East Atlanta Village Farmers Market is open on Thursdays, 4-8pm, April through December. 

The East Atlanta Village Farmers Market is open on Thursdays, 4-8pm, April through December. 

3. Hit up a weekly Farmers Market. Going grocery shopping can be a drag, but take it outside in the sunshine and add incredible local produce and sundries and it can be a fun distraction! Plus, you can spend some time preparing some freezer meals with the items you buy for easy dinners after baby is born. Be sure to sign for the Intown Doula email newsletter to receive a wonderful recipe for a dish you can make from produce at its freshest right now. 

4. Walk through the Botanical Gardens. A little vitamin D always does wonders for morale, so if you're totally over being past your due date and need a mood makeover, head to the park to experience Atlanta's most beautiful gardens. While you're there, buy a membership--walking the gardens with a newborn is a one-off outing that can make you feel happily human again after not leaving the house for days without being overwhelming, thanks to the easy parking and minimal weekday crowds.