Leslie Knope Had A Doula

I was watching an episode of one of my favorite shows, Parks & Recreation, and the episode in which Leslie Knope is thinking of running against Councilman Dexhart for his seat. Everyone she trusts is telling her it is a bad idea and that she shouldn't do it. Her husband pays successful campaign manager Jennifer Barkley to consult with Leslie about this decision. 

Jenn tells Leslie that she shouldn't run for the seat. Not because she wouldn't be a good candidate or because she might lose, but because she was capable of more.

Right then, it hit me:

Leslie Knope had a Doula.

Sure, she wasn't in labor...and Doula wasn't Jenn's real job title...and Doulas don't actually tell clients what they should or should not do...but, Jenn saw something in Leslie that Leslie wasn't seeing and she held up a mirror. She held up a mirror that allowed Leslie to see the magnitude of what she was truly capable.

Isn't that what Doulas do? At the heart of it, isn't that what we are there for--to hold the mirror while you shine? 

I don't care what anybody says; Leslie Knope had a Doula. Maybe not for the birth of the triplets...but definitely for the birth of the bigger dreams the ultimately led her to the White House.