A Dalmatian in the Kitchen

We're featuring a special spotlight on one of the three silly pups who light up MMT's life and who make an important contribution to their family each and every day. Sometimes, that contribution is in the form of a snuggle after a long day, or a laugh in the middle of a stressful situation. And other times, that contribution is to helping make big decisions...

 Looking fly.    

Looking fly. 


Soooo, this is my dog. 

Well, it's one of my dogs. We have three, you know. And they're all a hot mess

Jekyll Winston McIntyre was born on Valentine's Day, 2010. He was adopted by his father, my husband, just a few short weeks later as a birthday present to himself. And let me tell ya, he's the gift that keeps on giving...even when you're like, "Thanks, I'm good." 

Before my [perfect angel] dog and I moved in with my husband and Jekyll, I spent hours worrying. Would the get along? Would they be friends? Would Jekyll's "free spirit" (read: TERRIBLE BEHAVIOR) rub off on Jack, my certified AKC Canine Good Citizen?

It was all for naught; the day they met, Jack and Jekyll wrapped each other up in a hug and they have basically not stopped since. It's been four years, and they're still obsessed with each other. Jekyll is a moron, but he's kind-natured and very enthusiastic. What he lacks in brains, he makes up for in attitude. And, luckily, Jekyll's poor behavior didn't end up rubbing off on Jack...

...but Jack's good behavior didn't exactly rub off on Jekyll, either, and that's what leads us to  the day after Thanksgiving, 2013.

 Acting as the Intown Doula office assistant. 

Acting as the Intown Doula office assistant. 

We had moved at the beginning of September, and my mother-in-law was coming to visit for the first time. She and my husband graciously made Thanksgiving dinner; I was pregnant and not exactly feeling dealing with poultry for an extended period of time. But I was emphatic that I wanted to make one of my favorite dishes, bread pudding made with Krispy Kreme doughnuts, for breakfast the next morning. 

Naturally, the first time a woman's mother-in-law visits, she prefers for everything to be flawless, impressive, and stress-free. Everything was going very well to everyone's delight, and I went to bed on Thanksgiving eager to wake up the next morning and show off my skills in the kitchen. 

I got up early and made the custard for the bread pudding. This recipe is extremely time-intensive; it takes forever, there are a lot of steps, and if you mess up, it ain't pretty. The recipe is rich. It is decadent. It may or may not include 1 quart of heavy cream, 2 cups of whole milk, 1/c cup sweetened condensed milk, 10 egg yolks, and 2 whole eggs. My bread pudding recipe doesn't mess around. 

 Jekyll has no boundaries.

Jekyll has no boundaries.

After the custard was prepared, I was called away by my stepson. Everyone was still asleep except us, and he had a problem that required attention. Pregnant, in my PJs, trying to solve a problem for a ten year old in his room down the hall, I heard a terrible sound. 

The metal clink-clink-clinking of Jekyll's tags against the glass mixing bowl. 

I ran down the hall and into the kitchen to find our terrible Dalmatian, incredibly pleased with himself, lying on the cool tile of the kitchen floor, grinning. His belly was monstrous; if anyone squeezed him he might've popped. He looked uncomfortably pregnant, but the only thing he ended up giving birth to was an evil food baby, over and over and over again. 

My mother-in-law was still asleep so I got dressed and went out into the cold for more cream, eggs, milk, and condensed milk to make the bread pudding. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending because the bread pudding and accompanying espresso whipped cream were on the table for every at just the right time. In fact, if we had not told my mother-in-law, she might never have known. 

This story is a slice of my life. It helps to show you who I am, who our family is, who this crazy dog I love is. 

 Jekyll living it up on 30A (Seagrove) in 2014

Jekyll living it up on 30A (Seagrove) in 2014

It's also a great illustration of the reason that we encapsulate placentas in our clients' home. 

I didn't want to go out in the cold to replace the items my dog wolfed down while I had my back turned just for a few moments. It wasn't convenient. It wasn't comfortable. But I could do it, and I did do it. Everything ended up OK. 

It's impossible for me to replace your placenta. It is impossible for me to put your placenta anywhere on any of the three floors of my house that Jekyll will not be able to find it. It is impossible for me to guarantee the preparation of your placenta in my home because my family members--including my dogs--aren't trained to be around placentas during their encapsulation. And as much as we work with Justin Hall, Atlanta's Dog Wizard, there is just no amount of training that we could do with the pups that would make me risk something so invaluable to my clients. 

When Intown Doula encapsulators come to your home to encapsulate your placenta, I am able to guarantee two things to you. And those things are incredibly important to me, both as a business owner and as a consumer. You can be 100% sure that:

  • Your placenta is your own, because you have been the one to transport it or arrange for transportation to your home, and
  • Jekyll (or Jack, or Hank, or any of the other Intown family animals!) had nothing at all to do with your placenta at any time. 

You are welcome to be as present or absent during the process as you desire. Some families are taking selfies with my dehydrator, while others give me the go-ahead to lock up when I am finished and leave to take much needed time for themselves. 

Furthermore, our encapsulators are also trained postpartum doulas. The nagging questions you forgot to (or were too shy to) ask your nurses before you left the hospital can be discussed in the privacy and comfort of your own home. 

Intown Doula strives to provide unparalleled client care in all four trimesters. And we pretty firmly believe that exceptional client care shouldn't have aaaaaanything to do with Jekyll Winston McIntyre! Whatever we can do to ensure that, we will.