Pregnant at the Peachtree: Tips From Someone Who's Running For Two

With the largest 10k in the world just one week away, we felt we would be remiss if we did not shine a spotlight on Atlanta's Peachtree Road Race and examine it under the unique lens of pregnancy. MMT joined up with the Atlanta Track Club's own Angelina Stasulis, who will be seventeen weeks pregnant when she runs the Peachtree as a pace team leader. Keep reading for more about Angelina, running while pregnant, the Peachtree, and tip and tricks for a more enjoyable run for two. 

As always, this blog is not medical advice nor should it be used or treated as such; it is always advisable to discuss your fitness plan with your care provider. 

Angelina Stasis described her collegiate self as inactive and cracked a few jokes about her lifestyle, laughing as she remembered looking at people running across the campus of South Carolina's Clemson University and asking herself, Why would you do that?!

Well, what a difference four years can make. 


As a run leader for the Atlanta Track Club (shoutout to the second-largest running club in the United States!), Angelina's lifestyle has changed remarkably. When she started running with a friend four years ago in graduate school at Clemson, she never looked back, and has now completed a full marathon in addition to a host of other distances. One year, she even set a New Year's resolution of running 366 miles in that year. She kept up with her mileage in a shared Google spreadsheet with her partner (now husband!) and she says that helped to motivate her and added a sense of accountability. By December 31, she had achieved her goal. 

After marrying her partner--who is also an athlete--and finding out that they were expecting, running got just ever so slightly more complicated. 



Here are the tips that ATC Pace Team Leader Angelina Stasulis gave for running while pregnant:

  • Be willing to accept that you may slow down, even within the first few weeks of seeing the second line of the pregnancy test. Per Angelina: "You have to accept that you are making the same effort but you may not be seeing the same results that you used to with that same exertion."
  • Follow your training plan, but modify it however you need to in order to remain comfortable.
  • Update your training journal to reflect how you're feeling. (We're pretty obsessed with this one.)
  • Run and train by feel instead of by your Garmin--your watch is not a good indicator of your effort level during pregnancy and your effort is what counts.
  • Train with a friend who is really flexible--who won't treat you like you're going to break because you're pregnant, but also won't push too hard. 
  • Eat watermelon as a post-run snack. It's hydrating and filling and great for baby!
  • Update your running identification to reflect that you are pregnant and when you are due. 

And since the Peachtree is fast approaching, here are some Peachtree-specific tips:

  • Carry your own water instead of relying on water stations. 
  • Again, accept that you probably won't PR in Atlanta in July with 1,000% humidity running pregnant up Cardiac Hill. And that's OK! Make your best effort without jeopardizing the collective health of you and your baby and do it for the experience instead of the PR. 
  • Rock out some maternity running gear. It's super fun. Trust us. 
  • This bears repeating: update your emergency info for the Peachtree to reflect your pregnancy and due date. 
Happy running from all of us at Intown Doula!