Special Delivery: Zifty Giveaway!

Atlanta is bustling, now more than ever, and the recent advent of concierge-style delivery services has come to mean that simply by opening an app or a website, Atlantans are able to have anything from laundry detergent to steak Oscar delivered right to their doors. 

Zifty is an online delivery service that brings customers and local restaurants together to deliver your favorite eats to your residence or office. Available options depend upon where you are located, but the service also offers items from a warehouse including desserts, drinks, non-perishables, and more. Need Chef Boyardee and chicken noodle soup because you're sick but moms don't get sick days? Zifty's got you covered. Have a pregnancy craving for that one pulled pork salad from D. B. A.? Zifty's gonna get it to you, without you having to deal with rain, traffic, or parking. Zifty was kind and generous enough to provide two ($25) gift cards for a good old-fashioned Intown Giveaway! Check out the instructions at the bottom of this post and enter to win--and when you order, let them know we sent you :) Don't forget to follow Zifty on Instagram @Zifty1, on Twitter @Zifty, and on Facebook


If you are looking to truly live the dream, you can have your Starbucks latté brought hot to your hands by the folks over at Postmates. Postmates is also going to be known as a game changer for the pregnant population because it delivers--no, of course we aren't kidding--Taco Bell and Chipotle. Their delivery hours are a bit longer, so if you give birth after midnight and need something more than the sandwiches the cafeteria provides, look them up. 

Once you arrive home with your sweet baby bundle, you'll know how much energy (and time!) it can require to leave the house. Since April 2015, postpartum lives have gotten a whole lot easier. Without ever leaving your yoga pants, you can have anything from pacifiers to mac & cheese, moisturizer to double-sided tape, delivered within a two-hour window. Amazon Prime Now is, by all accounts, a Godsend. 


If you want to skip your weekly trip to the grocery store OR you forgot a few items and can't afford to sneak away for them, InstaCart is your go-to for grocery delivery in Atlanta. With a great referral incentive program and an easy-to-use app, InstaCart has quickly become a favorite in households all over the Metro area. The best part? Shopping at Costco without ever actually going inside a Costco--or even having a membership.