Best Soup Intown - MMT's Family Heirloom Chicken Stew

Did you know that January is National Soup Month? We at Intown Doula love soup and all the benefits that come along with it. Whether you prefer to sip, slurp, or spoon it, is up to you! We want to share with you some of Intown Doula's favorite recipes. Make them at home for your family or have a dinner party that features a bowl of warm, delicious happiness.

This week we turned to no other than our own MMT for her favorite soup recipe very near and dear to her heart. This simple but yummy recipe has been passed down through generations and MMT was gracious enough to share it with us!

MMT’s Family Recipe Chicken Stew

*served every Christmas Eve for generations

1 whole chicken, cut up

4 quarts organic chicken broth

2 cans organic crushed tomatoes

1 can organic creamed corn

1 bottle Pickapeppa sauce*

(*sub Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce and use this recipe to make your own GF creamed corn in order to make this recipe Gluten-Free)

1.     Place chicken in large stew pot, cover with broth

2.     Bring to a low boil and cook chicken until tender and falling off the bone. 

3.     Remove chicken parts and set aside to cool. 

4.     Strain broth. 

5.     When chicken has cooled, remove the meat and place back into the pot. 

6.     Add the strained broth, cans of tomatoes, and entire bottle of Pickapeppa or Lea & Perrins to taste. 

7.     Simmer until ready to serve. Add creamed corn just before serving; avoid boiling so as not to scorch the stew. 

**This stew freezes beautifully; remember not to bring to a boil when reheating so as not to scorch the corn. 

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