Top 5 Baby Laundry Tips

New parents sometimes underestimate the amount of laundry that accompanies a new baby. Even a chic newborn with a capsule wardrobe generates a huge uptick in loads washed when compared to your average Atlanta couple. Stay on top of the laundry with the following tips!


Intown Doula's Top 5 Baby Laundry Tips

1. Buy the same brand and color sock for a whole season.

Put those bad boys in a shoe box or other container in a drawer. No muss, no fuss, no matching! This trick is good for the life of the child, so thank us in five years when your child isn't spending twenty minutes in the morning finding a matching pair of socks for kindergarten ;)

2. Wash socks in a mesh bag.

Sure, you could tempt fate and wash socks unencumbered, but we tend to be realists: get a mesh lingerie bag for $2 and save yourself the headache of wondering how all the baby socks could have magically disappeared.

3. Keep a mini spray bottle of stain remover in the changing table.

We use Dreft, and we'll tell you why: nothing gets out breastmilk spit up stains like Dreft strian remover. The detergent we can take or leave; any ol' Free & Clear will do there, but for stains, you gotta try it. Works like a charm! Pour some into a mini spray bottle and keep it in the changing table so you can pre-treat stains as you see them as soon as the clothes come off. This will be a must if you plan to sell your baby's outgrown clothes at consignments stores/sale or on Buy/Sell/Trade groups.

4. Keep two small bins near the changing table.

One is for clothes that are too small and need to be donated or given sway as hand-me-downs, and one is for clothes you either love so much you want to save for future babies OR clothes that are in good enough condition and style to consign or resell. Set a reminder on your phone for every three months to go through the clothes that have accumulated and make moves to donate/give/sell them accordingly.

5. Have your postpartum doula do the folding!

Seriously, that's what she's there for. Let your postpartum doula prevent the dreaded post-baby laundry overwhelm. When you're a new parent (be it for the first time or third!) you want the space and time to cuddle and nurture your baby, not panic about the piles of clothes, sheets, towels, washcloths, blankets, changing table pads, and burp cloths that need to be managed. Let you doula take care of it while you take care of your baby.