Acessorizing the Bump: The Art of the Ugly Sweater

'Tis the season for ugly sweater parties.

In your last weeks of pregnancy, the last thing you want to do is get dressed up for a fancy holiday party. If it's your turn to throw the event this year, why not keep it extra casual and host an ugly sweater party? It's not holiday specific, so any holiday you celebrate can qualify for this cozy event. Dust off your hideous sweaters because this year we're staying comfy! On the bright side, the bigger the bump, the more real estate you have for some ugly sweater realness. 

You might not be pregnant at all and have a new baby keeping you from attending any fancy shindigs this year. Having a party at your own home will keep you comfortable and relaxed, with all of your baby supplies easily accessible. 

And remember, the uglier the better!

Don't have an ugly sweater because your fashion sense is top notch? Don't worry we did a little research and found some real tacky ones for you. 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed... Baby Bump?

How cute and terrifying at the same time. This slimming little number features a familiar reindeer with plenty of 3D features to add a little extra pizzazz to your sweater festivities. Look at the blank stare, it almost screams "get this baby out of here already, my back hurts!" But in all seriousness, this slouchy Henley looks pretty comfortable. We'll take two.

 Photo: Pinterest "Ugly Maternity Sweater Ideas" 

Photo: Pinterest "Ugly Maternity Sweater Ideas" 

Wreathy Bump 

We don't know who made this sweater, but it's almost so ugly that it's cute. Feeling like a snow globe? Throw a wreath around that bump and call it a day. Of course, you'll have to accessorize with an equally ugly jacket, socks and head gear if you're really trying to make a statement. 

Ultimate Dad Sweater

Have a snazzy dad in your life in desperate need of a sweater that will really stop the show? Look no further than the complete sweater suit. This thing is loud and proud, and pretty much one of the most horrible things we've ever seen in the BEST way. Looking for a double dad ensemble? These come in assorted colors and patterns...for no reason. 

Star of the Show 

Eight crazy nights to go before your due date? This Hanukkah sweater is the cozy answer to all of your politically correct holiday hopes and dreams. You'll be less worried about looking svelte and more concerned with being super snug as a bug. Don't worry, it comes in plenty of sizes to accommodate any size bump for the Festival of Lights.

Lumberjack Mama

Okay this one just looks itchy. But hey, you're adding to the family tree, right? With this scratchy sweater you can be the whole tree! Slap some lights on this thing and you can take a nap undisturbed, because people will just assume you're the actual Christmas tree. This lovely creation is also unisex, if you wanted to create a forest of creepy tree sweaters. 

So there you have it, some of the most horrible ugly sweaters the internet has to offer.

But don't stop here, fall down a wormhole of possibilities with a couple of searches for the perfect ugly sweater for your next party. 

Keep it fun, lighthearted, and comfortable this year and have a gathering at home with all of your closest family and friends. Encourage a little creativity at your party and take this opportunity to de-stress in your days before baby.