Tea for Two, Two for Tea With Chef Joe Cardinale

February's theme at Intown Doula is all about self love and self care and part of that means indulging in moments of down time, which are commonly all too fleeting. Let's be honest, what is self care without relaxation? Tea is like the universal symbol for relaxation! 

In the mountain regions of Asia, teas have been used for millennia to help with relaxation, in rituals (like spiritual and religious ceremonies), for nourishment, and as healing medicine.

Morning, noon or night, there is a tea that just right for you. Wake up with a white tea with just enough caffeine to get you started, or a lunchtime green tea to boost your metabolism. Relax in the evening after all is said and done with a cup of black tea to cut through the sweetness after dessert. Get on your favorite pair of sweats, grab your favorite book, and reap all the soothing benefits. What better way to get cozy and unwind than with a pot of tea

Intown Doula has teamed up, once again, with Chef Joe Cardinale to make your beloved tea time something extra special.

Everyone has a million different teas in their cabinet. Chef Joe has provided some really great ways to combine different types of tea so you can have something new and refreshing each (tea)time! 

Basic types of tea:

Herbal-made from aromatics & herbs not actual tea, strong flavors 

White-very delicate, hand harvested and rich in antioxidants

Green-rich in antioxidants and minerals due to minimal processing

Oolong-golden green to amber in color, great for weight loss

Black-most common, rich, strong & robust



Agave Nectar, Honey, Sugar, Maple sugar, Date sugar, demarara "raw" sugar


Some flavor combinations to try:

Green tea & lemon herbal tea

Earl Grey (black) & Peach tea

Green tea & mint/peppermint

White tea & berry tea

Chamomile(herbal) & ginger tea

You can combine two of the bags in a larger mug (12-16 oz) and pour over hot, not boiling water. More delicate white and green teas should steep for 1-3 minutes while darker and herbal teas should steep for 3-5 minutes. 

We can't wait to get home tonight and make some tea for ourselves. Intown Doula encourages you to indulge in even the simplest, sweetest moments to focus on you. 

Not your cup of tea? Not a problem! Check back with Intown Doula for more tips and updates all month long on our blog. Don't forget you can also follow Intown Doula on Instagram and Facebook and tag us (#intowndoula) so we can peep your favorite relaxation creations.  


An alumnus of the famed Culinary Institute of America, Chef Joe Cardinale has shifted gears from the New York City restaurant scene to working passionately with ProDoula, a certification organization for modern doulas. With bonding and recovering from birth being the focal point of the postpartum period, proper nutrition and comfort eating are a must, and Chef Joe is leading the way. Through Skype consult and an understanding of his client’s abilities and limitations, Chef Joe is able to coordinate menus and nutritional recipes that doulas can prepare for their postpartum clients.

You can find Chef Joe on Facebook and Instagram for more great tips and recipes!