One Step Can Change Everything


You probably already know that the No Child Wet Behind  has officially launched registration and that we are in the swing of organizing the events and its amazing sponsors and vendors (click here if you or someone you know might be interested in sponsor or vendor info!) 

What you probably DON'T know is that we aren't stopping there.

(But maybe you should have suspected. Because do we ever stop where we are expected? ;)

Intown Doula and health and wellness expert Sara Wiles have teamed up to bring you a run group like you've never heard of before. The Atlanta No Child Wet Behind C25K Group  exists exactly for people like you. Yes, YOU!

What does that mean? It means our group is made especially for...

  • Endurance runners
  • Recreational runners
  • New parents
  • People who are trying to conceive
  • Pregnant people
  • Working parents
  • Stay-at-home parents
  • Walkers

And, most importantly, our group is made for

People who have never, ever run a single step in their lives.

That's right. It's true. Our group was formed with the intention that many of us out there want to run, or walk, a 5k, but so many things stop us. We don't know how to run, or we are scared people will laugh at us, or we feel ashamed of our post-baby bodies and hide them inside, or we are concerned about leaving our littles.

In 2010, I was living in Greenville, South Carolina with moderate depression. I knew that All The Science points to exercise being beneficial for myriad reasons, and I felt called to be an athlete--even though I had never really been one before, and I certainly did not look like one by any means.

I took a step and downloaded an app on my phone that changed everything. With the help of self-determination and the voice in this interval running app telling me I could keep going, I worked up to being able to run a whole 5k (3.1 miles) straight through, all by myself. Six months to the day after I started running, I ran the Georgia Half Marathon. Since that time, I now have many half-marathon medals, several dear friends I have made running, and I was even in the top ten fundraisers in Georgia for Team in Training in 2012...

All because of one step.

It just takes one teeny, tiny little shred of curiosity, belief, or courage to make a decision that can change your life. We want to be there when you need us. We want to offer support, encouragement, love, objective but practical advice, and referrals to resources.

We want to be your running doulas!

Join us for our kickoff run on the Beltline on the evening of March 21, 2016. We will begin the first day of Couch to 5k (C25k) training with Sara Wiles. All levels of experience will be honored and NO ONE will ever be left behind. By the time the No Child Wet Behind Diaper Drive & 5K + Family Fun Run rolls around, you'll be able to comfortably run the whole way. Earn your medal, make new friends, and do something for yourself today. Bring your stroller if you want, or let this be "me time."