We Don't March Into Spring, We Run!


Spring really is a time for change. The sun decided to stay a little longer, the earth gifts us little sprigs of green and Intown Doula has planted ourselves in a new space that will allow us to continue to blossom all thanks to you. 

With May fast approaching, here in Atlanta we are gearing up for the No Child Wet Behind Diaper Drive and 5k Run to make it the best possible event we can. Intown Doula held our first volunteer meeting to strategize how to make that happen with all the who does what and how and why. This meeting gave us the opportunity to feel out everyone's strengths so we can best utilize them and coordinate what we are hoping to be an extremely successful fundraiser

To volunteer, sponsor, or show your support check out our No Child Wet Behind Diaper Drive and Fundraiser Event page or visit nochildwetbehind.com for your local chapter and find out how you can help! 

We have so else much to catch up on over this past month so let's hit the ground running....literally.

Intown Doula and Sara Wiles kicked off our Couch to 5k Free Running Program on March 21. 

Here we met with a group who aren't afraid of a little challenge. The purpose of this program is to reach out to everyone, of every size and shape, every lifestyle, and take the step together to change our lives. With the helping hands of Sara Wiles (hisarawiles.com) and each and every person who participated in this event, we made a pact to motivate and encourage one another to the very end of the finish line and hold each other accountable! We are all in this together. 


If you are interested in joining us, our training has just begun and it is NEVER too late! For more information check out our No Child Wet Behind C25K Facebook page

Being that seasons have changed, it's time to do a little spring cleaning and freshen things up a bit. With the Intown Doula HQ move into a new a space, we went on the hunt for some design inspiration to jazz up the new office. Where better to turn than Pinterest? We thought we'd share some of our favorite ideas with you from our Intown Office Inspo board.

(images top to bottom: Etsy.com / homebunch.com

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We want to send a little shout out to our clients and the love the show us, like when we show up in Buckhead to teach and are presented with a spread like this.... 

Now that we're all caught up, let's chat about the things to come!

As you may already know, Intown Doula teamed up with Breastfeed Atlanta to offer more services for our clients and now we are working together for some upcoming events.  

Saturday May 14th Intown Doula is hosting our Infant CPR Course and Complimentary Postpartum Planning Micro-Class. 

This course will take place at Breastfeed Atlanta HQ in Historic Grant Park. Space is limited so check out the event page for more information and to purchase tickets

Immediately following the course, there just may be a little extra something that Intown's MMT and Breastfeed Atlanta's Christie have to share, but you have to stick around to see! 

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