What To Put On Your Baby Registry

Registries are often some of the most fun you’ll have when buying a home, creating a partnership, or having a baby. Sure, you can Google how many onesies to buy and which swing has the highest satisfaction ratings, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a registry that was tailored to your tastes, lifestyle, and family? And while it can seem really easy to pop into a big box store and walk around, alone, scanning what your partner’s sister’s co-worker bought, many of us want a less…fluorescent experience. Plus, who wants JUST what one store has?

Wouldn’t it be great to find a locally-owned store that provides top-notch “green” baby products AND be able to register for items from all over AND be able to add services you prioritize to the registry? You know, like doula, placenta, and post care services?

We are delighted to share with you that Intown Doula has partnered with Happy Mango to bring our families the most personalized baby registry experience in Atlanta!

Stop in to see the incredible staff at Happy Mango, located at 1996 Hosea L. Williams Drive in Kirkwood. Easy and plentiful street parking awaits you, making popping in a breeze! Inside, you will find unique and beautiful products all hand-picked by the owner to delight you. You will receive a welcome guide which contains suggestions of necessary registry items compiled by women who have been there. Walk around with a staff member and chat with them so they can get a feel for your specific needs and make suggestions based on your family.

The staff at Happy Mango will be happy to help you add labor doula services, placenta encapsulation, childbirth and parenting education, and/or postpartum doula care to your registry. This makes it a breeze to have your family and friends contribute to services that you desire, value, and prioritize!

If there is anything that is not in the store that you would like, you will be given quick and simple instructions to add whatever you like from any store using the online registry system. Then, you will be able to make the registry public and allow your family, friends, coworkers, and more to treat you and your baby to your heart’s desires!

Don’t want to spend time registering, but your people won’t stop hounding you for a link? No worries. Let the experts at Happy Mango know and they can put together your registry for you based on a very brief Q&A about your preferences. Couldn’t be simpler.

The great things about Happy Mango’s registry doesn’t stop there, though. Not by a long shot! When you register at Happy Mango, you will also receive the following benefits:

  • discount on purchases through your baby’s First Birthday

  • automatic entry into a due date club with optional in-person meet-ups

  • $50 gift card presented to the family in the monthly due date club who receives the most from their registry

  • postpartum fitness club (all workouts are free, fast, and family-friendly, and require only the equipment available at Bessie Branham Park)

  • 5% discount on labor doula and post care doula deposits + 10% off classes and placenta encapsulation with Intown Doula

  • and much more!

Pop into Happy Mango today and let them know Intown Doula sent you. They’ll make you feel right at home!