Intown Blooms in June | With Growth Comes Transition

As the month wraps up we check back in to fill you in on all things Intown Doula. This title says it all; Intown Blooms in June | With Growth Comes Transition. This month Intown Doula has gone through some exciting changes in order to continue providing families in Atlanta the best!

We kicked off June with stage one of our growth spurt. We grew a mango! Just kidding... kind of. Intown Doula and Happy Mango, an organic and environmentally friendly online baby store, announced their partnership this month!

We thought it would be great to collaborate giving the families of Atlanta the best, most personalized, baby registry experience! 

You can now create a personalized baby registry that includes organic and environmentally friendly baby products, along with SERVICES. Say what!? YES. You can now add services to your baby registry including labor support, placenta encapsulation and postpartum support!

Learn more about the benefits to creating an Intown Doula x Happy Mango Baby Registry. 

Intown Doula got Debbie for a Day. Debbie Aglietti, co-owner of ProDoula - A Certification Agency for the Modern Doula, packed her bags and headed to Atlanta to tighten up some loose screws at the Intown HQ.

 Debbie Aglietti of ProDoula posing with the Intown Doula car!

Debbie Aglietti of ProDoula posing with the Intown Doula car!

With growth comes a transitional period and Debbie was able to help us navigate that transition. She reorganized, established and implemented new and old systems making office duties much less time consuming allowing us more time to invest on new ways to support to the families of Atlanta.

Intown Doula is also preparing to launch our very own Childbirth Education Curriculum for expectant families in Atlanta.

We are honored be chosen to provide expectant families with evidence-based and bias-free childbirth education. The times are changing, new pregnancy, birth and postpartum trends are becoming popular, there are new studies to be taught, there is new information for the families of Atlanta to consume to identify their best choices. 

So we are going to give you just that. In launching the Intown Doula Childbirth Education Program our goal is to provide the best, most up-to-date information you can find to give you all the information you need to decide what is best for you and your family. 

Stay tuned for more information on this. 

Intown Doula is also bringing the Yellow Jacket Social x ProDoula Workshop 'Virtually Present' to Atlanta!

Taught by Erica Patterson of Yellow Jacket Social and Randy Patterson of ProDoula, this 10 hour, hands on workshop will give you all of the tools you need to perfect your brand's virtual presence. This workshop is suitable for all industries! 

Learn more about Virtually Present and register for this one of a kind workshop.

We finished off the month of June by meeting with Atlanta's most friendly neighborhood pediatrician, Intown Pediatrics.

MMT, Dr. Deneta Howland Sells and the Intown Pediatrics staff enjoyed lunch together and discussed their common goals for our community.

As we enter July we are dusting off our shades and putting them on. The future looks BRIGHT!