The photo that may change your mind.

On Wednesday, June 29, our own Margaret "MMT" McIntyre and her 27-month-old son were involved in a horrific multi-vehicle accident on I-75/85. They survived--which is miraculous! The emergency responders at the scene noted that the toddler's rear-facing car seat was almost certainly the reason that the child was able to walk away from an accident involving being hit by two cars, a bus, and a concrete median without so much as a scratch.

The Doulamobile is no more, but MMT and her family are alive and that is all that matters.

But something else happened that day.

MMT wrote a facebook post that caught the attention of people all over the world, and that post has now been shared almost 10.5 THOUSAND times. Hundreds of people have contacted the family reporting that they either didn't know the facts about car seat safety, didn't care about them, or both...before the post. But now, over 200 children are sitting safer in their vehicles because of what their parents read. That is AMAZING!

Check out the post below, share with your friends and family, and be sure to check back next week for a special blog about car seat safety facts, tips, and tricks.