July Recap: Improving Resources for Every Atlanta Family

July has been a busy month for us at Intown Doula and we look forward to all the changes that the next few months will bring to growing families in the Atlanta area. 

Before we get down to business, some very important information...

If you didn't know, the Intown Doula office is a Pokéstop!

So if you are playing some Pokémon Go to pass the time, you'll certainly find some gems here. Come say 'Hi', meet your doula and catch a pikachu! Talk about productivity!

This month our main focus has been to better the Childbirth Education process for every family in Atlanta.

We met with The Health Initiative Atlanta to combat the differences and discrepancies for maternal health and childbirth resources for LGBTQIA+ families

Every family deserves the best resources for their babies, and that is not up for debate. 

So we decided to take things into our own hands.

We have always welcomed diverse families and parenting styles at Intown Doula. 

To strengthen this initiative we have addressed, we plan to roll out a complimentary Childbirth Education course at The Rush Center in October. Our goal is to prepare a diverse group of strong and educated parents to welcome children into their families.

With our focus on improving the education process for all expectant parents in Atlanta, we have transformed our Childbirth Education (CBE) curriculum to accommodate all Atlanta families.

Each family is different and we know that class preferences vary.

Intown Doula's Childbirth Education classes are designed specifically to be an inclusive experience that is modern, concise and professional. You'll have fun learning all the ins and outs of welcoming a new baby.

Choose to attend a group class where you can develop your support system of like minded parents or select a private 2-3 hour session. 

We are introducing a class series that is a longer duration and covers topics in depth. These full-day classes will be scheduled every 6 weeks beginning on September 11, 2016. 

We also have a special comfort measures meeting available to utilize in addition to your prenatal visit. If you have a visit coming up, contact us for more information about our comfort measures process. 

We also took a moment this month to nurture a support system that is often missing from industry standards.

We hosted our first IPAILS or Intown Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support meeting and received an amazing response.

The loss of a child is devastating and parents coping with the loss of a child in the Atlanta area are lacking the resources to meet each other to provide comfort, advice and encouragement to one another.

We are happy to announce IPAILS meetings will be a monthly staple at Intown Doula. 

July also saw the grand opening of the The Atlanta Birth Center!

Happy Birthday to The Atlanta Birth Center!

Congratulations to their team for the hard work that made this center a reality. Intown Doula looks forward to working alongside you! 

Overall, the fabulous team at Intown Doula spent much of July working on how we can support and improve the resources of Atlanta families at every stage of parenthood. 

No parent should face the uncertainties of childbirth alone or unprepared. 

We have birth services, lactation services, postpartum doulas, placenta specialists and childbirth education to support you at every stage of the game.