DeKalb Medical Center: VBAC, Waterbirth, and Vaginal Breech Birth, Part 2

Folks, it's been a long week.

After the shocking news from SeeBaby Midwifery that DeKalb Medical Center had revoked their privileges to practice VBAC, water, and vaginal breech deliveries, hundreds of women and families came together to form a protest.

In the midst of this protest, DeKalb Medical Center called an "emergency meeting" on Tuesday, August 24 to determine whether or not Dr. Brad Bootstaylor's privileges would be revoked from DMC entirely. At this meeting it was determine that Dr. Bootsaylor (and SeeBaby Midwifery, by extension) have all their previous privileges restored, EXCEPT for VBA3C deliveries.

Water birth will be available for those with due dates on or before October 31, 2016.

There will be a vote in the next several days to determine is water birth will be banned or allowed moving forward.

It is truly unfortunate how much stress and anxiety this back-and-fourth has caused the families planning to deliver at DeKalb Medical Center and/or with SeeBaby Midwifery. While we at Intown Doula certainly do not presume to know the circumstances from which this debacle sprung, and we cannot speak to any of the inner workings of this incident, but what we do know is this: the families we serve were hurting this week. they were anxious and scared, they didn't know who to trust, and they felt like there was new information every two hours--because that's almost literally what happened. New info springing up constantly: some via email, some via Facebook, some from word-of-mouth.

We sincerely hope this has been a stark reminder to everyone involved that families giving birth are comprised of people, and people deserve transparency and all the facts (and none of the hearsay!) when the rug is pulled from underneath them. They also deserve clear plans to be in place and for answers to be consistent and easy to find.

Parents deserve to be heard to listened to, no matter what.