August (And Everything After)

We had a busy month at Intown Doula!

August was an absolute flurry of babies. This was the highest number of babies Intown Doula has ever seen in a single month. These families welcomed their babies with bravery, determination, and a whole lot of love!

It was so wonderful to assist these families as they navigate new parenthood and we look forward to seeing them blossom!

We did however have a stressful week. As you may have heard, the DeKalb Medical Center is making some splashes in the birth world... or lack thereof.

DeKalb Medical brings over 5,000 babies into this world each year and has announced this week that they are proposing a ban on water births, access to vaginal delivery after three C-sections, and access to vaginal breech births. 

As you might imagine this was a big issue in the birthing community, as an infringement on women's rights. 

Here's our opinion on the matter.

On a positive note, 

Placenta transport kits have arrived in style!

If you are having your placenta encapsulated with us, these kits will get your precious placenta from the hospital to home safely. Make sure you check with your delivery center for their complete procedure on removing placenta from the premises, every hospital has different regulations. 

If you are curious about placenta encapsulation, don't hesitate to consult with us!

Consuming placenta capsules as your body heals will keep your recovery on track. Placenta encapsulation has tons of benefits that will keep your emotional and physical health in check while improving your bonding experience with baby.

The power of placenta is a truly remarkable holistic medicine and we are proud to be trained and certified placenta specialists

In other news, we aren't slowing down with fall approaching.

ProDoula is coming to Atlanta! ProDoula is presenting a Labor Doula training workshop in the Atlanta area this October. This is an awesome collection of new and veteran doulas that we are looking forward to, right here in our home town.

We're also happy to announce our Childbirth Education classes!

We've scheduled our first class and excited to help families in our area be confident and informed as they welcome their new baby. To participate in our classes, follow our scheduling link here:

We're always thinking ahead at the Intown Doula office.

We starting getting our gears turning for the February Galentine's Day Brunch and looking for sponsors. If you have a great idea for a business we should partner with, contact us at the office.

We had an amazing summer, and our team is looking forward to what the fall season will bring. Other than PUMPKIN EVERYTHING, obvs!

We anxiously await the arrival of some autumn babies and welcome new families to join ours as they seek unbiased and professional support for their growing family.