Atlanta Fall Activities With Baby

There's something about the fall season that just starts bringing families closer together as the holidays approach. 

Back to school season with your older kids means more time at home with baby for some mom and baby fall activities!

We gathered some of Atlanta's fun fall activities to spend a day adventuring with your baby or toddler. 

The Music Class

What better way to spend the day than dancing and singing with your littlest? The Music Class encourages babies and toddlers to explore sound through different instruments and hands on play. Mom and baby can navigate the play space together and have an exciting day of new stimulating sounds and experiences. There's always new music to learn and parents can participate in this awesome developmental progress right before your eyes.

Lunch At Wills Park

Spending a fall day with lunch at the park is a perfect mommy and baby play date. Wills Park has a great playground for different age groups and they even have a special section for the little guys. Meet local moms and organize play dates over some lunch, soaking in some sunshine. A day at the park is a classic, no frills play spot for your toddler to let out some stored up energy and get a breath of fresh air in beautiful Atlanta. Wills Park is a top pick!

Good Old Fashioned Puppet Show

Your little ones will absolutely light up when they see their first puppet show and it's a fun way to relax on a day out with baby. Listen to a cute story brought to life by colorful puppets, and these aren't your ordinary sock puppets either. The Center for Puppetry Arts puts on amazing displays of skill and engineering that will captivate even your littlest of puppet enthusiasts. Check out the Puppetry Arts Center on a rainy fall day when you want to get out of the house and bond with your little one. 

Fernbank Museum Of Natural History

This is an all time favorite indoor adventure for your kids of any age to experience in the Atlanta area. The Fernbank Museum of Natural History has tons of play-scapes for your little ones to explore that will get them climbing around all day long. This place doesn't feel like a museum at all with all its interactive exhibits and workshops to keep you occupied. They have activities like story-time and songs for your tiny tots to keep them entertained for hours. Spend a day bonding with your precious little and sneak some education in there to spark some curiosity.

There's tons of mommy and baby playdate spots in the Atlanta area to visit this fall.

Make some one on one time with your baby part of your routine every week, trying something new every week! 

Back to school season means less crowds at play areas for kids and more time to spend on an exciting day out with your little one. Make some lasting memories this fall, exploring everything that Atlanta has to offer.