September Recap

September was awesome for the Intown Doula family!

This month we celebrated MMT's fourth year as a doula offering flash sales! 

We are gathering together a flash sale to announce in December, so stay tuned for our huge holiday season sale!

We're hard at work putting those together for our clients to give them a great deal on our professional care packages and services. 

If you're keeping track of the Red Tricycle's Totally Awesome Awards, we are finalists!

We are incredibly proud of being finalists, we work hard and strive to give Atlanta families the best care for their growing families. Red Tricycle is a trusted name in family resources and they hold their recommendations to the highest standard. 

We have our fingers crossed to be named the number one in our field for the Atlanta area.

Thank you for all your support!

We pulled together forces to assist the DeKalb Chamber as they fight the dangerous spread of diseases.

This month we also stood behind the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce as silver sponsors for their efforts to raise awareness to the Zika Virus and other infectious diseases that can put families in our community at risk. 

Several organizations are banding together to promote disease prevention and educate the public about risks, symptoms, and treatment for dangerous and contagious diseases. 

We went Postpartum Crazy in September!

Intown Doulas were super busy helping newborn Atlanta babies and their families settling into their new postpartum routines. 

With the postpartum help, we also helped families with our sleep coaching services! As we move into October, all the babies we coached (and their parents) are sleeping soundly through the whole night! 

We look forward to what the new season will bring, meeting new expectant families and the arrival all the little pumpkins due in October!