Heather's Top 3 Carriers for Newborns--And Why


1. Ring Sling

Great for newborn snuggles and offering baby a great sense of security; easy to use among multiple wearers; one of the longest life spans of a carrier from newborn to toddlerhood; super easy to nurse in

    Recommended carriers:
Wrapsody, BB Sling, Maya, Sakura Bloom

2. Mei Tai

Super easy to learn for any newbie babywearer; versitle among wearers; great for front, back, and hip carries; another wonderful newborn-to-toddler carrier; again, perfect for nursing in.

     Recommended carriers:
 CatBird Baby, Infantino Sash, Babyhawk

3. Stretchy Wrap or Woven Wrap

Wonderful for skin-to-skin with newborns; use for nursing and can use tails of the wrap as nursing cover; you can securely wrap a preemie; baby is given a nice security with the extra layers of the wrap.

       Recommended carriers:
    Boba Wrap, Moby Wrap, Wrapsody, Natibaby, Didimos


Check out Breastfeed Atlanta's Babywearing Club to find out about how to find the perfect carrier for your lifestyle!