Atlanta March for Social Justice and Women

Elizabeth Stallcup, our beloved sleep expert, West Wing aficionado, and social justice warrior, here to let you know about the upcoming Atlanta March for Social Justice and Women and how you can get involved. We want to hang out with you!

Hi friends! I'm sure you're all aware of the unfortunate events that will be occurring in D.C. this Friday in which Sunkist Stalin, our president-elect, will be inaugurated and become America's newest...person.

In response to the impending inauguration of Cheeto Satan, as you may or may not know, this coming Saturday is a day of resistance, a day of marching in protest, a day for saying, "We will not stand for your bullshit, Squirrelwig McRacistpants!"

The main march is occurring in D.C.; however, there are 616(!) sister marches occurring all throughout the U.S. and the world. Amazing! Of course, The A has to be represent and will be having a sister march as well, The Atlanta March for Social Justice & Women. The website for the march is Per their Facebook page:

"The Atlanta March for Social Justice & Women will be a peaceful demonstration of solidarity bringing together members of underrepresented communities, women, and their allies in Georgia and nationally. The march will be held in Atlanta on January 21, 2017 at 1:00 pm beginning at the Center for Civil and Human Rights and ending at the Georgia State Capitol."

MMT has offered Intown HQ as a meeting place for folks wanting to attend the march. Several of us, and hopefully several of our clients, will be meeting at Intown HQ at Noon on Saturday with plans to ride-share/Uber/Lyft over to the Center for Civil and Human Rights. I am making signs for people to carry; however, it's wonderful if you bring your own as well! A few of us are also getting t-shirts made from Bang-On in L5P ( This is what Intown Doula is about ---Equality, Social Justice, and Intersectional Feminism. This is why we march --for inclusion, for LGBTQ+ people, for all people of color, for respect for all religions, for disabled persons. We march for you, for our clients, for all birthing persons, for our neighbors, for ourselves, for our city, for our country. Will you join us???

Babies, kids, family members all welcome--at least two Intown Kids will be marching. Bring friends, loved ones, or just bring yourself. We would LOVE to march next to you as we call for equality and rights for all. We will be meeting in the parking lot so please try carpool to Intown Doula HQ if you can. Let us know if you plan to attend so that we know to expect you.

Peace, love, and resistance, y'all. Let's do this!