Hygge Lyf


You've probably seen the word hygge floating around, from the New Yorker to your Insta feed.

In one bad summation, hygge is a Scandinavian concept that centers on getting purposeful with your coziness and burrowing in with your people.

Think about making a pile on your bed of all your favorite blankets, warmest sweaters, fuzziest socks and slippers, most adorable stuffed animals/real animals/your actual loved ones and children...and just, like, rolling around on it. By a fire. With soup warming on the stove and Peter, Paul, and Mary on the turntable.

That's hygge. (As we understand it.) (Which is to say, poorly.)

MMT waxed poetic about becoming what she called a #hyggexpert at the behest of her medical team as she recovered from Post-Concussive Syndrome the second half of 2016.

A #hyggexpert is one who has shown exceptional or expert skill in the nuances of coziness and enjoying tiny pleasures.

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