Why Hire A Postpartum Doula Instead of a Baby Nurse?

I hear a lot of families ask why they would be interested in postpartum doula services if they can hire a night nurse or night nanny for their baby. After all, why would they need expertise and extra help in the middle of the night? Surely postpartum doulas only work during the day, when people can really reap the benefit of the support? …right?

Well, not exactly.

First things first: what exactly is a “night nurse” (other than a Marvel comic book character), a “baby nurse,” or a “night nanny”? What are the differences and what do they all mean?

“Baby nurse” and “night nurse” are often used to describe people who care for babies, but who actually have no nursing education at all. In fact, these monikers are a bit misleading in that way. While many professionals do carry LPN or RN credentials, it is important to know that many do not, while still using the term “nurse” to describe their positions. (With that said, if medical expertise is what you are seeking, be sure to hire a licensed nurse for your family.)

“Night nannies” who take over all care of a newborn or baby at night while parents sleep can also be nice, but still do not encompass all that postpartum doulas are able to.

When you hire an Intown Doula for your family’s postpartum needs, you are receiving love care and support from a trusted professional…and so is the rest of your family.

Postpartum doulas care for what matters most to you—and we know that what matters most to you isn’t just your sleep, but your family. You want to know that everyone—from you to your new sweet baby, to your partner, to your older children and pets and plants!—is being cared for just the way you would. You want to know that everything can fall together as you acclimate to a new life in your space.

Postpartum doulas are experts in all things baby, with skill and knowledge in breastfeeding support, bottle feeding, newborn and baby sleep, bathing, bedtime routines, and more. And yes, when you hire our postpartum doulas for overnight care, you will get wonderful sleep! Butmore than that, our doulas also perform dozens of small services that add up to create your most blissful postpartum possible.

Here are just a few things that postpartum doulas do that baby/night nurses or night nannies do not:

Light meal prep
Help with meal planning
Light housekeeping
Short errands/groceries
Sibling support
Nursery stocking and upkeep
Breast or bottle feeding support
Pet care

Imagine coming home from work and enjoying every second with your baby before bed, knowing that your postpartum doula will walk through the door at bedtime and put everybody down—you, your baby, even your spouse! She soothes the baby and settles her in for some great sleep while you and your partner drift off to sleep, fully confident that your family is being care for. Your doula lets your dog out and makes sure all you plants are watered. When your baby is ready to eat again, she will either feed the baby in the way you feel is best, or bring your baby to you for nursing. After, she changes and soothes the baby back to blissful slumber. You awaken to a clean kitchen, a healthy breakfast, a cooing baby, and a rested start to the day. Best of all, you know you made the best possible decision for your family by hiring professionals whom you trust and who care for your family as if they belonged to it.

And isn't that truly what most of us want?


TREAT YO'SELF: Free Self-Care Printable

Sometimes, self-care is hard. It can be hard to know where to start when you're so out of practice that sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, and general un-wellness have become your norm.

We completely understand being overwhelmed, under-motivated, and paralyzed. That's why we have created this printable for you. Print this and stick it on your fridge or bathroom mirror. When you feel like you don't know what you should do but know that lying in bed for another several hours is not the answer, start at the start line of the printable and work your way through. If you continue to do this daily, you can expect to begin to feel renewed after regular practice.

If you're struggling to complete any of the items on the printable, and you've had a baby in the last year, you may need the help of a postpartum doula. Postpartum doulas are professional caregivers who provide personal, compassionate, expert care to families who have recently added a member (or two...or three!) Intown Doula is affiliated with the best postpartum doulas in Atlanta who can help you to work through your postpartum journey confident, rested, well-fed, and fully supported. Contact us today if you'd like to speak more about how a postpartum doula can take incredible care of you.

TREAT YO'SELF: Seraphim Skin Care


As February begins, we here at Intown Doula want to shift the focus not toe Valentines, but to Galentine's. We believe that self-care is among the most important tasks that new parents must prioritize, so we came up with a blog series designed to guide you through some of the choicest ways to "treat yo'self" in the ATL. 

It seemed only natural to seek out the best skin care in Atlanta. After all, who doesn’t love a great facial? This led us almost immediately to local entrepreneur and medical esthetician Lil Dyer Cobbs, who was incredibly gracious and allowed us to ask all our burning pregnancy and postpartum skin questions. 


Lil is the owner of Seraphim Skin Care off of Piedmont Avenue in Buckhead, Atlanta. She opened the first medspa in Atlanta and has come a long way since, building a fiercely loyal (and famous!) client base and establishing Lil as THE authority on all things skin. Lil says she started her business out of a closet, but you would never know that as you step into the luxe serenity that is Seraphim Skincare. 


Seraphim Skin Care, named by Lil’s husband of 34 years, Don, gives a nod to the highest order of angels, and the promises of the (nearly!) patented Peel and Bleach Cream 4-Step System all but guarantee heavenly skin. This system uses a combination cream containing various acids, Retin-A, and hydroquinone to resurface the face, décolletage, legs, and/or hands. But the results, Lil insists, comes from the mandatory, no-ifs-ands-or-buts 5-minute morning facial massage. “You can’t get the results without the massage!”


I’ll admit that I was more than a little intrigued by Seraphim and by Lil herself, who was so open during out interview that she propped herself up on a couch and threw her head back; if it had been May, a mint julep would have magically appeared in her hand. She speaks so authoritatively about skin that you can’t help but want to try her method. The before and after photos that scrolls on a screen in the lobby are enough to make anyone curious, and with a slew of various treatments and options for facials and peels, there really is something for everybody. 


With the caveat that it is always best to seek individual consultation before beginning any new skincare regimen, here are Lil’s recommendations for pregnancy and postpartum skincare concerns:


Q. My skin is so dry in pregnancy! What’s up?

A. Your skin probably isn’t dry. I know that sounds crazy but it’s true—the reality is that if you increase the exfoliation of the dead skin cells on your face, your skin will be better able to breathe and will not seem dry and dull. A great option is a gentle coconut papaya fruit acid peel that you can pick up here and do at home. You can also use our salicylic roll-on to increase cell-turnover and it couldn’t be easier. 


Q. After I had my baby, my skin care took a nose dive. How can I get back to washing my face as regularly as I need to?

A. Meh! It’s fine! In fact, especially if you aren’t wearing much makeup right now, you may not need to wash your face nearly as much as you think. Try our triple-acid peel pads. You can put them on your night stand and use one in the evening or morning. There’s no rinsing, it works beautifully, it’s easy to do—you can even use these pads while nursing or rocking your baby. 


Q. Do I need sunscreen on my face every single time I go outside? I go on short walks with my new baby a few times a day. 

A. We are not scared of the sun at Seraphim Skincare. We believe that a healthy amount of sun exposure without sunscreen is healthy, necessary, and great for you. After fifteen minutes of direct exposure, it’s time to apply a barrier sunscreen and reapply every hour on the hour. 


Q. I have blackheads. Do I need to go have a facial for the extractions?

A. Do you enjoy getting extractions? No? There’s your answer. We do not do routine extractions here because we have seen over and over that doing so is counterproductive, painful, and creates swelling and bruising. We believe that peels will stimulate enough cell turnover that blackheads will be worked out, and that’s exactly the feedback our client continually give to us. 


Visit Seraphim Skincare today and tell Lil that Intown Doula sent you. She will be sure to help you achieve whatever your skin-related goals are, leaving you able to answer that question, “Have you received compliments on your skin lately?” confidently. 

Aaaaaaaand…we are so thrilled to announce that each attendee at our client appreciation event on February 13 will receive a card for a complimentary mini-service at Seraphim Skin Care! 

My Breast Start: Intown Doula and Breastfeed Atlanta are Collaborating!


One year ago, we opened our doors and were welcomed by Atlanta with open arms. Dozens of families trusted our doulas to care for them as they transitioned to life with one more, and we were happy. 

And then, we realized that we were not able to offer our clients the full breadth of what they needed. Intown Doula wasn’t offering postpartum services! So, we added five postpartum doulas to the company. And we were happy. 

But our clients, they weren’t as happy as they could be. You see, we weren’t offering placenta encapsulation with the industry’s best practices and the highest standards possible. So, we brought on two postpartum placenta specialists, and our clients were happy, and we were happy. 

And now, after listening to our clients and learning more about what they need to experience their childbearing year fully supported, we have added another service. 

We are thrilled to announce that Intown Doula now counts Breastfeed Atlanta as one of our esteemed affiliates. As of today, Intown Doula proudly offers the My Breast Start package to our clients. This exclusive package features:

Private breastfeeding class w/goal-setting session

Complimentary copy of Breastfeeding Made Simple

In-home visit 48 hours postpartum

In-home visit 10-14 days postpartum

On-call phone/text support for 14 days postpartum

BONUS: $50 off placenta encapsulation

Breastfeed Atlanta is the newest venture of International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Christie Coursey, Atlanta’s best-kept secret for all things breastfeeding. Christie’s compassionate bedside manner paired with her keen expertise has launched her to the front of the line for lactation referrals in the Metro area. 

It is our goal at Intown Doula to grow as our clients need us to grow. You spoke, we heard you, and we added breastfeeding support. 

And we are happy.