Atlanta families like yours desire concise and bias-free childbirth education that helps them identify their best choices for birth and the newborn stage.

When taking a childbirth class, you want the facts, not the opinions--and Intown Doula delivers. No methods. No gimmicks. 

With the many options offered by Intown Doula, you can be sure that you and your family will receive a tailored educational experience based on your schedule, priorities, and needs. Simply add on one, two, or three hours of customized education to your prenatal prep session with your doulas, or join in on one of our nine-hour group classes help in Grant Park every six-ten weeks.

While each and every one of our doulas is well-versed in unmedicated childbirth and the unique needs and circumstances this type of delivery presents, the Intown Doula curriculum is not a "natural childbirth class." If you're seeking to learn about how birth goes down after you choose an epidural or cesarean birth, AWESOME! We are going to make sure that your educator leaves you feeling great about your choices--no matter what those choices are.

You deserve unbiased, enthusiastic education about all your options, not side-eye and shade about your unique needs, desires, and goals.

Birthing classes in Atlanta have never been this affordable, accessible, and unbiased. Contact us today to discuss what your best options might be, or simply click here to sign up for our next nine-day group class.

She stood by my side ready for when I needed her, helped me dilate faster and was there for me after birth when all eyes were on the baby, and made sure I was comfy and fed.
— Sara T.