We went through it ourselves, and we've seen it literally hundreds of times: the experience of bringing a baby home from the hospital and keeping them alive through sleepless nights, nursing drama, c-section recovery, and people coming in and out of your house being well-intentioned but clueless at best (and straight up nerve-eating at worst.) You post selfies and hashtag them: #teamnosleep. #soooootired. #gtfts. You look like you feel, you feel like shit, and life is just a mess for awhile. "Seasons of life" and all that. It's just how it is. No unicorn is gonna come help anybody.

Right?      ...right?


We honestly thought that was reality for every single family (well, either chaotic and frantic or unattainably seamless a la Real Simple) so we trudged through the first six months with our babies, secretly miserable because we were so overwhelmed and constantly doubting ourselves.

We thought it had to be that way, because that is what we saw: on mommy blogs, in Facebook groups, around our acquaintances...but we are here to show you that it doesn't. It doesn't have to feel so huge that you can't handle it.

Your experience can feel consistent, grounded, and enjoyable.

Imagine one relationship that will take care of not one, but twelve essentials for the weeks and months after your baby is born.

Imagine checking twelve boxes off your prenatal to-do list with a single phone call. 

Imagine a personal assistant/sherpa/baby consultant/sleep expert/nursing troubleshooter/counselor/baby gadget assembler/BFF mashup who supports all your decisions, can read a room like none other, and gives accessible, expert advice...only when you want it. 

Imagine a unicorn. 

At Intown Doula, we have completely reimagined what "postpartum" looks like. With our unique Postpartum Experiences, you can be sure that you will enjoy exquisite care not merely for you or your baby, but for your entire household, for as long as you need it. 

We invite you to take the leap. We know it is scary to ask for help. You're probably not used to accepting help, much less asking for it. But we truly believe that these all-inclusive suites of services can forever change the way you experience the weeks and months after you bring your baby home.

And we believe that can change the world.