Services Overview

Intown Doula is proud to bring you the kind of support you need and want in service packages you can easily assemble and customize to your family's needs! After you contact us and set up a call to discuss how our highly-esteemed care can benefit your family, you will have a chance to design your ideal service package, ensuring that you receive the help you want on your own terms. 


labor doulas

Our time-tested team system helps your family receive the continuity of care that is lacking in the maternal healthcare system at this time. Your team of two doulas will be on call for you 24/7 for any questions or concerns you may have. If desired, they will provide optional private, in-home childbirth education to enhance your understanding of the labor and delivery process.

When it is time to give birth, your doulas will help you every step of the way, from navigating the ins and outs of hospital admission to enhancing comfort and managing pain during delivery. And, when it is time to spend your first night at home with baby, you will be taken care of by your doula team all night to ensure a great start to being home with your new addition. 

Newborn care + Overnight care

Postpartum doulas are like Mr. Clean Magic Erasers: they take care of everything. They will go on Target and grocery runs, walk and lavish attention on your pup (aka your "firstborn"!), wash and fold baby laundry, prepare nutritious meals, assist with and teach your about newborn care, lend a hand on errands with you, take care of baby while you nap/shower/workout/spend time with your older children, and more. 

If you need help with your baby or babies overnight, your postpartum doula will spend 10-12 hours in your home attending to your baby's needs while you get the sleep you need to function in a happy, healthy way. No worries if you are breastfeeding; if you'd like to pump we can give baby a bottle, or if you'd prefer to nurse, our doulas are experts at bringing baby to you, quiet as a mouse, for feeding times. You do the nursing, and we'll take care of everything else, all night long! 

sleep training

What would your life be like if you could put your baby to bed at 7 o'clock in the evening, knowing that your baby will confidently put herself to sleep and stay blissfully slumbering until 7 o'clock the next morning?

What would you do with three extra hours each evening? What books would you read, how many date nights could you schedule, which yoga classes might you commit to, if you were well-rested and taking great care of yourself?

Our Pediatric Sleep Consultants used nationally-renowned methods to coach you through teaching your little one to sleep and nap effortlessly, regardless of who puts them to bed!